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Colerain Veterans Memorial, is a group of residents that have come together to raise funds to construct and install a Veterans Memorial Park for Veterans only. 

The Memorial Park will cost an estimated 1 million dollars to completely install. 

The Memorial Park will consist of 16 Statues, (11 from each War Era) plus an additional 5 Statues,(1 for each branch of service) 16 Granite Engraved Benches, and 20 Flag Poles. 

The following medals will be placed in an octagon shape paver brick patio with bricks engraved from residents, military personnel, and memorial bricks.

  • Silver Star

  • Bronze Star

  • POW Medal

  • Purple Heart

All bricks can be purchased for engraving for a fee of $50.00 per brick.

More information about the process of making the Bell in the Tower can be seen here: 

Chris Green


Retired Veteran, 7+ years in the United States Army. Attended Penn Foster. ASHI Certified and Licensed in Ohio, Kentucky & Indiana. 

Michele Green


Inventory Specialist at Watson's Pool company 

Ashley Caldwell


Graduate of  Kent State University. Bachelor of Integrative Studies with a double minor in American Sign Language and Non-Profit Studies. 


Chris Green, Founder, story as to why he started the organization:

"My grandfather Thomas E. Combs left for WWll in 1942 leaving my grandmother and my mom, who was 1 years old, at that time. My grandfather was a war hero, having received 2 Silver Stars, 4 Bronze Stars, 2 Purple Hearts, a POW medal, and many campaign ribbons, including Normandy, France, and European theater along with several others.

My grandfather Emmet Green left for WWll in 1942, also leaving behind my grandmother and my dad, age 4. Grandpa Emmet was also a war hero, the recipient of 3 Bronze Stars, 1 Purple Heart, a POW ribbon, and many campaign ribbons. Both of my grandfathers have talked to me extensively about their service, building a pride inside of me for serving our country.

Looking back, neither of them knew each other and my parents were so young and lived in different parts of Ohio and didn’t know one another, either. Both of my grandfathers were POWs. They knew each other after their time in service (only from being in the same POW camp). They were liberated by the Aussies, and they returned home to their wives and children as war heroes.

Never to see the other again until my mom and dad met, started dating, and got married. My father, Thomas T. Green, joined the Marines. My Grandfather Thomas was a POW for 9 months after he saved his entire platoon from enemy fire when surrounded inside a building by the enemy. He took a machine gun to the top of the building, firing at the enemy so his platoon could get to another building. They all escaped, but the building collapsed causing my grandfather to be captured. I have heard this story so many times from my grandfather, along with many other stories of his time serving. I was very close to my Grandfather Combs and he is the main reason I joined the military. After my 7+ years of service, I returned home, and he was there to congratulate and welcome me home.

My grandfather got very sick and was in the VA hospital in Cincinnati. I visited him every day, and on one the last days of my visit I refused to leave the hospital and stood guard at the foot of his bed and watched him take his last breath and go home to his heavenly father. That was one of the hardest days of my life. Since then, many my family members that served have passed away now, except for my Uncle Jimmy, nephew, and son, and my brother, Gordon.

The reason I am so unwavering to build this memorial is because many of my family members protected our freedom for decades, and there are so many other veterans out there that have similar stories which need to be heard and memorialized. From the very start of this country, hundreds of thousands have served to protect our freedom. This is just a small part of what I can do to show my passion, love, respect, honor, for ALL of our veterans past, present, and future.

I have had several members of my family who served in the military besides my grandfathers and father.

Uncle, James C. Combs USAF, Korea

Uncle, William F. Combs Army, WWll

Uncle, James Green, USAF, Vietnam

Myself, Army Airborne Infantry, Grenada

Brother, Thomas D. Green, Navy

Brother, Gordon Green, USMC, Lebanon/Beirut

Nephew, Troy T. Weiss, USMC, Afghanistan

Son, Delaney T. F. Green, Army

Thanks for hearing my story and I hope it brings some understanding of why I’m steadfast on bringing this memorial to our township."

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